Principales productos

Choco Maca

The Organic Mix of Choco Maca contains 70% gelatinized maca and 30% cocoa powder, which generates a pleasant taste ideal for the consumption of students for the good performance of their work. Add a teaspoon of Choco Maca to a glass of water, shakes, juices or any other liquid. Also good with cereal and oatmeal. Download here Chocomaca 

Maca Gelatinizada

Processed maca results in a nutrient-rich, gelatinized maca powder that helps the body maintain health and balance within. Add a teaspoon of maca to milkshakes, soups, oats, or any other liquid. A serving of maca contains amino acids, essential minerals, vitamins, fibers and proteins. Download here Maca Gelatinizada

Extracto de Maca

Maca extract is the most powerful form of maca available (3 times more potent than regular maca). It is produced by extracting the juice from the roots of the maca, drying them at low temperatures in a super fine powder Mix a sachet of Maca extract with water, juice, yogurt or any other liquid. Download here Extracto de Maca